Conduct in session

Flow of Debate

The chart below shows the various stages of debate that take place during a Model UN simulation. Being familiar with how the action will proceed, from the first “scene” to the last, is an important way to prepare yourself for a Model UN conference.

Roll Call

The Chairperson will announce each country’s name. After delegates hear their country, they should answer “present.”

Setting the Agenda

When Model UN committees have more than one topic available, the body must set the agenda to begin working on one of these issues. At this time, a delegate typically makes a motion, stating “The country of [name] moves to place [topic A] first on the agenda, followed by [topic B] and then [topic C] if available.”


Informal Debate/ unmoderated caucuses Formal Debate/ Unmoderated Caucus.
During moderated caucuses, the Chair calls on delegates one-by-one so that each can address the committee in short speeches. During unmoderated caucuses, the committee breaks into temporary groups/blocs so that delegates may meet with each other and discuss ideas.
When the session begins, speeches focus on stating country positions and offering recommendations for action. After several countries state their positions, the committee breaks for caucuses (often in blocs) to develop regional positions.
The ideas shall be used during the informal session to come up with a draft resolution. Writing begins as countries work together to compose draft resolutions
Formal debate revolves around a speakers list. The Chair begins by asking all delegates interested in addressing the other members to raise their placards. Delegates finalize draft resolutions as the chair resumes on GSL
The Chair then chooses delegates to be placed on the speakers list.
A country may only be on the speakers list once, but delegates may add their country to the end of the list after their speech
Draft-resolution sponsors build greater support for their resolution and look to incorporate others’ ideas through friendly amendments during debate time for the working paper/resolution
Voting begin immediately after debate time is over.

Voting Procedures

The committee moves into voting procedure. Amendments are voted on first, then resolutions. Once all the resolutions are voted on, the committee moves to the next topic on the agenda.

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